Spartans of La Canada Mission Statement


The mission of The Spartans is to provide a training center where individuals can reach their full potentials in the classroom, in their relationships, and in the pool. We provide a safe environment where individuals can pursue excellence. Excellence is achieved through the commitment of parents, coaches, and swimmers. Participants will learn to be lifelong leaders, accountable TEAMmates, and resilient in the face of adversity.


Spartans celebrate victories, humbly, and are gracious in defeat. We understand there is “life after swimming” and skills learned in the pool such as setting goals, following a process, time management, self-discipline, and effective communication will follow participants throughout their lives.


Spartans of La Canada Team Philosophy:


Every athlete on our team is important to us. We want all swimmers to reach their goals and will take the time to understand the skills each swimmer needs to develop to thrive with our training and on our team. Self-confidence, positive thinking, goal setting, camaraderie, time management, stroke technique, physical flexibility and having fun are areas we focus on at Spartans of La Canada.  



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